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Understanding importance of sports as a part of education we offer students variety of games to suit their interest. For the overall development of a child’s personality and skill, a healthy mind is required and a healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body. This is the concept that is followed by our institutions while initiating children into sports. We have nearly 500 students take part in sports for the following events. Every year a summer camp of 30days is conducted in the month of May for the students to improve their performance in sports. This camp includes a 2day trekking trip. 

  •   Athletics  
  •   Games  
  •   Yoga  


Every year students are made to participate in running events like 100 M, 200 M, 400 M, 800 M, 1500 M, 110 M. hurdles, relay race and jumping events like long jump, high jump, triple jump, pole vault and throwing events like shot put, discus, javelin.



The students are given training to specialise in the following games. Every year we are able to give a good participation in Bharathiar Day Games [BDG] and Republic Day Games [RDG] in these games.

1.1 Basket ball 

We have the best basket ball court in our district with mobile basket ball post. 

1.2 Volley ball

1.3 Kabaddi

1.4 Kho – Kho

1.5 Ball Badminton

1.6 Shuttle Badminton

1.7 Chess

1.8 Cycle race

1.9 Tae kwon do



We have trained masters to teach hatha yoga to students which is full of postures and breathing techniques, it improves concentration, flexibility of body and regulates functions of all internal organs. This would help students manage stress in a better way.